Kalnenai Oil Terminal

Our Kalnenai Oil Terminal is located in Jonava district, in a very convenient geographical location, almost in the center of the country, next to the second largest city in Lithuania – Kaunas. The highways that connect Kaunas-Jonava-Ukmerge-Panevezys and the highway Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda provide good logistics with both domestic and foreign business partners.

The terminal’s location is favorable for the storage of oil products. The main railways located right next to the terminal territory and there is a separate railway branch that goes through the terminal. The terminal is easy to access by auto transport as well. The territory is fenced and securely protected. There is a loading/unloading area for the railway tanks, and convenient traffic circle for freight vehicles on premises.

The capacity of the terminal is 3,800 m3, the terminal total size is about 8 ha.

On September 16, 2016 we registered excise warehouse no. LT0A10670430S. The main activity of the terminal is the loading/unloading and manufacture of diesel, type EN-590, LST EN: 2009 with further supply to the wholesale markets of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

Buildings and constructions are located on 3,2141 hectares of state leased land. Land under the railway is formed on a separate plot of 0.3962 hectares. The Kalnenai Oil Terminal is an excise oil warehouse that can complete the following operations:

– Unloading of Petroleum Products and Bioproducts (hereinafter referred to as “Goods”);

– Storage of goods; – Production of goods;

– Loading of goods (expenditure).

Oil products reach the terminal by railroad or by auto transport. During the unloading of goods we examine its quality, which must comply with the quality standards specified in the sales contract and the quality standards of oil and fuel products used in the Republic of Lithuania as established by law.


Unloaded goods are stored at the Terminal storage tanks. There are 17 oil storage reservoirs, some of them are underground. Reservoir capacity range from 50 to 1000 m3. These oil products are pumped through the discharge pumping from railway tanks. The main departure from Terminal is by road. In exceptional cases the goods may be transported by rail.

The loading/unloading and storage of goods are carried out by metrology services verified and certified equipment.

The Oil Terminal is certified to accept all tariff groups of diesel. The company has a license to engage in wholesale trade of unpackaged petroleum products.

Oil Terminal is constantly supervised to ensure the quality of the technological process, ecology, fire safety and other standards required for this kind of business activity. Sewage analysis is regularly carried out in the course of oil product storage activities.

picThe boundary of the estimated oil terminal on the ortho photo map. (Source: http://www.regia.lt/map/jonavos r’Plang ^ O)